In the Year of the Dog every home must own a dog!

From the very beginning of December, in the air you can scent the aromas of pine, cinnamon and other notes of magical scents symbolizing the upcoming long-awaited winter holidays. The streets and windows of the shops get decorated with Christmas trees and garlands, the windows of the houses – with ornaments and paper snowflakes, etc. So many efforts to create that magical spirit of the winter fairytale. It is always good to start the preparations as early as possible, in order not to miss anything in that pre-festive turmoil. To decorate your home, it is recommended to choose not only the usual tinsel, but also the figurines of dogs – patrons of the coming year. As according to the Chinese calendar, these little figurines will help you to attract luck, and fulfilment of any secret wishes, and achievement of the goals in the year 2018.

Any of us is eager to lure the luck for the entire year, that is why the shops are already full of numerous souvenirs to decorate your home. You may place porcelain figurines of dogs on your New Year table, fireplace or bookshelves thus decorating them. Charming pugs and bulldogs with their funny muzzles, other figurines of your favorite breeds will help you decorate not only your home but office as well.

Not everyone of us has a pet at home, but to get a gift symbolizing protection, loyalty and devotion would be appreciated by anyone. A cute smiling muzzle can help you to relieve stress and fatigue. You may place these figurines anywhere, they will find their place even on open shelves in your kitchen!

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The figurines of dogs from our catalog will be a wonderful decoration for the New Year and a pleasant present for your colleagues and family. Order them in advance and charge your holiday spirit now!