Design of the table by the porcelain dishes

If you are a hospitable and good hostess and like to receive guests, then, no doubt, you should pay attention to the unique porcelain. Beautiful, painted, original - it will decorate any holiday, any important event of your life.

A unique hand-painted style, coupled with the first-class quality of porcelain itself, will not leave your guests, especially foreigners, indifferent. Compliments and enthusiastic exclamations will be provided to you.

European people, as you know, are famous for their cordiality and hospitality. Porcelain with its own unique color is the very thing to emphasize the national trait and to bring some hospitality to the house.

Salads and snacks

Any meal begins with light salads and snacks. Each mistress has her own time-tested and tasty recipes. Appetizers set the mood for the whole holiday, as they are served first. The more diverse they will be, the more satisfied your guests will be. Even more delight will add a single table appointments. As porcelain openwork salad bowls, knapsacks, fruit pots, plates of various sizes, dishes for fish, breadboxes, as the exquisite taste of the mistress and her culinary skills will be surely appreciated by the guests.

First meal

Hot dishes go after snacks and salads. If your holiday celebration falls on the first half of the day, then you just cannot do without the presentation of the soup in an incredibly beautiful porcelain tureen.

It will not only decorate the center of the table, but also will keep the food hot in case some of the guests ask for supplements. A supplement will be asked, you can not doubt it! Do not forget about an openwork saucepan and spice kit. A napkin holder in the same style will also be at handy. All this will pepper your unforgettable holiday.

Tea traditions

Well, what a holiday can do without the tea party. Tea, coffee or cocoa, served in a beautifully painted teapot, will bring comfort and peace into the house. How nice to talk about the past and plans for the future with old friends and family over a cup of hot tea. As they say, "you cannot drink tea with anyone, tea is personal". By the way, you'd better not to drink tea from anything!

There will be no problems with serving all kinds of sweets for tea. Porcelain sugar bowls, candy bars, jam creams will bring a sweet note to your tea ceremony.

Porcelain crockery is not just a dish. It is inherited from generation to generation. If you are the lucky heir of a magnificent set, get it out and use it with pleasure. If not, then you can assemble your own unique set, which you will pass on to your children. Porcelain cookware is not a stamp production, it is a unique painting that brings a sense of celebration to everyday life. It's beauty, it's cosiness, it's harmony.

Surround yourself with beautiful things, and your life will become more colorful and better!