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2017-12-01 12:56:04

In the Year of the Dog every home must own a dog!

From the very beginning of December, in the air you can scent the aromas of pine, cinnamon and other notes of magical scents symbolizing the upcoming long-awaited winter holidays. The streets and windows of the shops get decorated with Christmas trees and garlands, the windows of the houses – with ornaments and paper snowflakes, etc. So many efforts to create that magical spirit of the winter fairytale.

2017-08-03 16:08:52

How history is created. Production of porcelain

The technology of production of porcelain products has already been several hundred years. Some historians are inclined to believe that the manufacture of porcelain products began in China in the IV-VI centuries, other chroniclers believe that the countdown should be conducted from the XIII century.

2017-08-03 15:50:05

Useful and easy-care porcelain tableware

Porcelain has always been a highlight of any holiday table. It has several advantages that distinguish it from any other kitchen utensils that's why she's so loved by many mistresses...